Children of the Moon

attack of the zombies

The zombies attacked in full force. But despite a well hidden pit trap filled with rats and greater numbers, the zombies met a gruesome end. Throughout the fight Kihara had a burning sensation that increased with intensity on her chest. By the end of the fight she was in quite a bit of pain. She removed her chainmail to discover that a scar in the shape of a half moon had errupted on her chest. Upon seeing this scar, Blackblade was overwhelmed by some unknown force. He could not speak or control himself and he could only watch in horror as his body charged Kihara and attacked her. Through a force of will he was able to eventually gain control of himself, but not before have hurt Kihara and being thrown into the pit trap by the rest of the party. He knew that someone had cast a spell upon him that triggered upon the sight of the mark on Kihara’s chest. He knew more but was unwilling to share with everyone in order to protect the honor of his clan. He simply stated that should she ever encounter a green dragonborn that she should run the other way. After a few heated moments, cooler heads prevailed and the party continued on its quest to find the stolen artifacts.

Exploration of the area after the battle found a series of rooms carved out of natural stone that had very little of interest in them. Further exploration found a different sort of room – an excavation site with zombies hard at work. More quick work by our heroes cleared the room out and allowed them to explore. Kihara realized that the area where the zombies were digging held some kind of dark energy which felt as if it may be connected to the Shadowfell – the dark echo of the mortal world and the place where spirits travel to when first loosed from their bodies.

Once upon the excavation room Beldaran could feel the pull of the artifact sword Miele calling to her. She knew it was very close by. A short passageway to the north revealed a more formal looking room with taller ceilings held up by six pillars. Upon entering into the open space two magical crossbow turrets opened up in two of the pillars and opened fire on Beldaran. She kept to the wall and headed to the back of the room and took cover behind a pillar. Her prize was in sight. Ahead of her in the middle of the northern wall was an altar with the scroll and the sword upon it. She quickly summoned a mage hand which reached out and grabbed both the sword and the scroll. The sword, dusty and covered in rust, transformed instantly once Beldaran held it in her hand. It shone with a pale green light and within the blink of an eye its edges sharpened and the rust fell away leaving it looking as if it was new. In that instant a booming voice was heard from somehwhere near the center of the large room. “I knew you would come for the artifacts. Mobriath was a fool, but now I have you and you will die by my hand!” Out of the darkness a figure emerged and attacked Belldaran. It was humanoid but had a feline head and claws. It attacked with ferocity and seemed to be able to pass through walls. The party made a quick retreat and managed to fend off the creature. Upon becoming bloodied it used some kind of magic to dissapear and run away “I have underestimated you but I promise it will not happen again”.

Having the artifacts and being quite injured the party quickly returned to Mobriath’s bedroom. Not much had changed and the estate was quite empty. Their entrance had gone completely unnoticed. Now they needed to leave and the patrols were still in place and on alert from the earlier attack made by Blackblade. Some quick thinking hatched a plan: Beldaran started several small fires on the upper floor which quickly had the entire upstairs up in flames. The party, masquerading as Mobriath’s mercenaries, ran from the building yelling at the patrol guards that there was a fire. The flames were obvious at this point and the guards were completely fooled by this diversion.

Without too much trouble everyone returned back to the slum house in the poor district hoping to make contact with Castleon. Within the hour they were transported to a much more civilized estate, although still within the poor district, where they were given hot baths and the chance to eat and sleep. Through a series of conversations news was shared by both Castleon and the party, and a next step was decided.

It was learned that Brightshield is mobilizing its forces against Shadowmoon and that an all out attack and invasion is expected within a week’s time. Castleon had no idea that Mobriath was dabbling in the necromantic arts and was unsure as to why exactly he would be trying to dig up a portal to the shadowfell. Castleon suggested that through her help the party leave Shadowmoon before the Brightshield invasion arrived. She, nor could anyone in the party, open the box that contained the artifact scroll. Beldaran and Kihara suggested that the next step would be to return to their tower in the Feywild where the wise wizards of the tower may know how to open the box.

Now with some time to rest the party contemplates what has happened in the last day. Blackblade, still confused by his attack on Kihara, is trying to understand who might have cast the spell of domination on him. Asmaran realized that perhaps he must travel to the shadowfell in order to find his brothers spirits and complete the journey given to him by his grandfather. Kihara, who never knew where her healing gifts came from before, wondered if Sehanine worked through her. Beldaran attempts to communicate with Miele and understand what her link might be to this ancient sword.



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