Children of the Moon

Session 1

Session 1

“Welcome to the night market. Drawn out to fortunetellers’ row, you’ve stumbled upon the night market, where delights and destruction are purveyed. You’re not in a good mood. Your head aches, and your heart is full of the horrors of your dreaming.

It is full night, late night, and you were sleeping, but now you’re stumbling down fortunetellers’ row, seeking either distraction or explanation about your dream. Only an hour ago, you slept deeply, but your mind was tortured by the re-experiencing of the worst night of your life. The night you almost died. The night they came to slay you, while you slept. The night you no longer had a safe place in the world. The night you became outcast. From that night on, you knew that powerful forces had decided you must die. Did you know why?

And now here you are in the nightmarket, happening under the moon on fortunetellers’ row. Those tired of hearing you cry out in nightmare have suggested you come here, for fortunetellers can sometime explain the wisdom of dreaming. This night, driven past any hope of peaceful sleep, you’ve finally come here, seeking an answer. Seeking a cure for your pain.”

The PC’s, two Eladrin – Beldaran and Malaya, one very large human dressed in hide – Ansmeran, one half-elf – Frick Nausam, and one dragonborn – Blackblade, entered the nightmarket.

Upon entering the market, Blackblade was attacked by assassins. Ansmeran and Beldaran saw the assassins approach Blackblade and after seeing that the odds were five to one they decided to intervene and help the lone Dragonborn. Malaya and Frick Nausam, who were also in the market, decided to help as well. Although the assassins came close to killing Blackblade – they dropped him no less than five times – they could not finish the job thanks to the help of Malaya, Frick, Beldaran, and Ansmeran. As the short fight came to a close, Castleon forcelord of Shadowmoon, arrived with several guards to break up the fight. As the fight came to a close, Subra the fortuneteller who witnessed the whole ordeal screamed at the PC’s – “the god slayers are here, the god slayers are here!” In the throes of a telling she ran around the market pointing and screaming at the PC’s until Castleon had one of her guards silence her and take her away immediately, but it was clear that anyone watching heard and saw what happened. After this there were some tense moments but the party decide to more or less cooperate with Castleon and her guards. Castleon’s guards found Ansmeran quite intimidating, and although he did agree to follow them to jail he insisted on staying armed. Impressed with his presence, Castleon agreed. One of the assassins was a drow, and after the battle Malaya performed a short ritual cursing his spirit in the afterlife.

The PC’s arrived at the jail at around 2 in the morning where Castleon told them she would return in the morning to ask them some questions. In the cell they met Rustam, a fellow who had got into a fight with one of Castleon’s mercenaries. He was quite a talkative fellow but the only person willing to really engage with him was Frick. Blackblade could only say “This is so strange…” and asked the rest of the party why they came to his side. Ansmeran simply state that he didn’t like uneven odds. Everyone settled in and tried to get some rest but at around 5:30 in the morning Castleon returned, opened the cell, and said “We need to get out of here quickly, follow me”

Castleon led the PC’s to a seemingly abandoned one room house in the slums district of Shadowmoon. She was very careful to take an indirect route and seemed very concerned about being noticed. Upon arrival Castleon told the PC’s that Mobriath, tradelord of Shadowmoon, was in cahoots with Brightshield the ruath of Pelor. Brightshield was planning on invading Shadowmoon and Mobriath was trying to gain their favor by helping them. Castleon heard word that they were interested in the PC’s and that Mobriath had sent guards to round them up. She believes it is connected to some prophecy, probably related to what Subra said about them being “god slayers”. Castleon, wanting to protect Shadowmoon’s independence, is doing anything she can to interrupt Mobriath’s plans. This is why she spirited the PC’s away from the jail before Mobriath’s thugs arrived. Not having any reason to help the PC’s beyond her own desires to stop Mobriath, she offers the PC’s a deal. In exchange for safe passage out of the city the PC’s will help Castleon recover some stolen artifacts. A week ago ancient artifacts kept at the Shadowmoon museum were stolen and Castleon believes that Mobriath was involved. These artifacts are sought after by those in power in Brightshield and this is yet another way Mobriath is using to gain their favor. She believes these artifacts, an ancient sword called Mialee and an old scroll, are also connected to the prophecy.

The PC’s have other desires other than safe passage out of the city. Blackblade agrees to the mission if Castleon can provide the valuable ore he needs to live. Beldaran and Ansmeran will only agree to the deal if they can speak with Subra first. Malaya being a follower of Correlon agrees because she values art and history. Frick, always up for adventure, agrees to the task as well.

Castleon agrees with the PC’s demands and leaves them on their own in the abandoned house only to return a shortwhile later with Subra…



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