Children of the Moon

Session 2 - off to find the artifacts

The door to the abandoned warehouse swings open and two women of very different appearances walk in followed by Castleon. The first is Subra, looking exhausted, walks in slowly with her head down and her body drooped forward. The second, Kihara the elf, walks in with wide eyes and upon seeing Beldaran smiles widely. “Hey!” “What are you doing here!” exclaims Beldaran. “I couldn’t just let you go off alone on an adventure so I followed you to Shadowmoon”

After catching up quickly, Castleon encourages the party to carry on with their questions for Subra. With a bit of encouraging, Subra asks for one true word from each person in the party. A word that is true for each person’s experience: Justice, Family, Love, Destiny, Station.

Subra enters into a trance and asks for the party’s spirit guides to come to her. They come in full force and deliver this message:

Dark side, shadow side, darkness in the shadow. Each shadowed in darkness, the wrong side of the moon. Born to the wrong side, now you must fight alongside, Dark side, shadow side, darkness all around.

Children born without blame, born under a dreadful name, Godslayers, godkillers, wrong side of the moon. Come together to start your path Come together and flee the wrath Shadow children the sun god is coming And the angel cannot save you from the doom that is looming.

Each to help the other live, each a gift of death to give, Godslayers, godkillers, wrong side of the moon. Poison poured from darkest ore Half a twin, lonely to the core, One saved by stars only to die again A singing bard laughing in vain Human sent to slay the beast of night Restless healer in constant flight.

Now the journey spreads its wings and you must fly the city’s things Quest the weapons, find the scroll, learn the mission, find your role. Stay together to stay alive Though the other realm waits for you to arrive Seek the truth to find your past Seek your destiny and wisdom will come at last.

Still maintaining her connection to the spirit guides Subra asks the party to ask her their questions. Beldaran wishes to know if her brother is alive. The spirit guides do not know where he is but do know that he is alive.

Asmaran is told that he must find his brothers in order to complete his quest to slay the beast. They are dead, but the guides are clear that he must find them.

Before anyone else could ask questions Subra loses her strength and the connection with the spirit guides is lost. Subra, having lost the last of her energy in the efforts of the trance, falls unconscious but is quickly brought back by some healing from Kihara. Castleon take her away to a safe place for she is certain that Mobriath’s guards would be looking for her.

Upon Castleon’s return she informs the party of where Mobriath’s estate is and hands them 4 armbands which might help them disguise themselves as Mobriath’s guards. It is clear that after witnessing the messages received through Subra that Castleon is a little more sympathetic towards the party. Noticing Kihara’s healing efforts on Subra, and the holy pendant hanging around her neck she offers to unlock some of the untapped divine power within the pendant. Kihara gladly accepts and notices a fiery light glow in Castleon’s eyes as she draws out the pendants power.

It is now 7am and the party starts out from the abandoned house in the slum districts of Shadowmoon. They know they need to head north, cross through the Market district to enter the Noble district and find Mobriath’s estate. They decide to head to a main road to head towards the Market, assuming that people will be out and they can blend into the crowd. Upon entering the main road, the party is quickly targeted by 4 of Mobriath’s guards. One of them runs off and the other three follow Beldaran and Kihara, who having noticed the guards took a quick turn down an alley. Blackblade not wanting reinforcements to come takes off after the running guard with great stealth. Not being noticed until contact, he tackles the guard to the ground, slits his throat with his kukri, and quietly pulls the body into a nearby alley.

The other three guards attack the rest of the party but are quickly overwhelmed. One guard, having attempted to stab Asmaran has the unpleasant experience of having his arm nearly torn off by the massive barbarian. The other two are handled by the combined efforts of the party.

The party, using more stealth and taking to the back roads, successfully navigates their way to the main artery of the city in the midst of the market district. Disguising themselves as two women shopping along with their bodyguard, Kihara, Bells, and Asmaran get across without much notice of the guards. Blackblade kept to the shadows and met them on the other side. Having now made it across the major road through the city, the rest of the journey to Mobriath’s estate was simple.

Once they arrived at the estate Blackblade create a diversion by shooting one of the guards with his bow from atop the wall that encircles the estate. He quickly dropped to the outside after taking a crossbow bolt, but his diversion was successful as all of the patrols charged out the front gate to chase after him. He created some false tracks and then hopped the wall at the back of the estate where the rest of the party had already entered the back door to the estate.

A thorough search of the estate found no evidence of the artifiacts, and an almost completely empty house. Asmaran threw some important looking documents into his pouch. In Mobriath’s bedroom, the party found a secret entrance that descended down into the darkness…

At the bottom of this ladder the stench was horrific of which the source was quickly made apparent – zombies.



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