Children of the Moon

attack of the zombies

The zombies attacked in full force. But despite a well hidden pit trap filled with rats and greater numbers, the zombies met a gruesome end. Throughout the fight Kihara had a burning sensation that increased with intensity on her chest. By the end of the fight she was in quite a bit of pain. She removed her chainmail to discover that a scar in the shape of a half moon had errupted on her chest. Upon seeing this scar, Blackblade was overwhelmed by some unknown force. He could not speak or control himself and he could only watch in horror as his body charged Kihara and attacked her. Through a force of will he was able to eventually gain control of himself, but not before have hurt Kihara and being thrown into the pit trap by the rest of the party. He knew that someone had cast a spell upon him that triggered upon the sight of the mark on Kihara’s chest. He knew more but was unwilling to share with everyone in order to protect the honor of his clan. He simply stated that should she ever encounter a green dragonborn that she should run the other way. After a few heated moments, cooler heads prevailed and the party continued on its quest to find the stolen artifacts.

Exploration of the area after the battle found a series of rooms carved out of natural stone that had very little of interest in them. Further exploration found a different sort of room – an excavation site with zombies hard at work. More quick work by our heroes cleared the room out and allowed them to explore. Kihara realized that the area where the zombies were digging held some kind of dark energy which felt as if it may be connected to the Shadowfell – the dark echo of the mortal world and the place where spirits travel to when first loosed from their bodies.

Once upon the excavation room Beldaran could feel the pull of the artifact sword Miele calling to her. She knew it was very close by. A short passageway to the north revealed a more formal looking room with taller ceilings held up by six pillars. Upon entering into the open space two magical crossbow turrets opened up in two of the pillars and opened fire on Beldaran. She kept to the wall and headed to the back of the room and took cover behind a pillar. Her prize was in sight. Ahead of her in the middle of the northern wall was an altar with the scroll and the sword upon it. She quickly summoned a mage hand which reached out and grabbed both the sword and the scroll. The sword, dusty and covered in rust, transformed instantly once Beldaran held it in her hand. It shone with a pale green light and within the blink of an eye its edges sharpened and the rust fell away leaving it looking as if it was new. In that instant a booming voice was heard from somehwhere near the center of the large room. “I knew you would come for the artifacts. Mobriath was a fool, but now I have you and you will die by my hand!” Out of the darkness a figure emerged and attacked Belldaran. It was humanoid but had a feline head and claws. It attacked with ferocity and seemed to be able to pass through walls. The party made a quick retreat and managed to fend off the creature. Upon becoming bloodied it used some kind of magic to dissapear and run away “I have underestimated you but I promise it will not happen again”.

Having the artifacts and being quite injured the party quickly returned to Mobriath’s bedroom. Not much had changed and the estate was quite empty. Their entrance had gone completely unnoticed. Now they needed to leave and the patrols were still in place and on alert from the earlier attack made by Blackblade. Some quick thinking hatched a plan: Beldaran started several small fires on the upper floor which quickly had the entire upstairs up in flames. The party, masquerading as Mobriath’s mercenaries, ran from the building yelling at the patrol guards that there was a fire. The flames were obvious at this point and the guards were completely fooled by this diversion.

Without too much trouble everyone returned back to the slum house in the poor district hoping to make contact with Castleon. Within the hour they were transported to a much more civilized estate, although still within the poor district, where they were given hot baths and the chance to eat and sleep. Through a series of conversations news was shared by both Castleon and the party, and a next step was decided.

It was learned that Brightshield is mobilizing its forces against Shadowmoon and that an all out attack and invasion is expected within a week’s time. Castleon had no idea that Mobriath was dabbling in the necromantic arts and was unsure as to why exactly he would be trying to dig up a portal to the shadowfell. Castleon suggested that through her help the party leave Shadowmoon before the Brightshield invasion arrived. She, nor could anyone in the party, open the box that contained the artifact scroll. Beldaran and Kihara suggested that the next step would be to return to their tower in the Feywild where the wise wizards of the tower may know how to open the box.

Now with some time to rest the party contemplates what has happened in the last day. Blackblade, still confused by his attack on Kihara, is trying to understand who might have cast the spell of domination on him. Asmaran realized that perhaps he must travel to the shadowfell in order to find his brothers spirits and complete the journey given to him by his grandfather. Kihara, who never knew where her healing gifts came from before, wondered if Sehanine worked through her. Beldaran attempts to communicate with Miele and understand what her link might be to this ancient sword.

Session 2 - off to find the artifacts

The door to the abandoned warehouse swings open and two women of very different appearances walk in followed by Castleon. The first is Subra, looking exhausted, walks in slowly with her head down and her body drooped forward. The second, Kihara the elf, walks in with wide eyes and upon seeing Beldaran smiles widely. “Hey!” “What are you doing here!” exclaims Beldaran. “I couldn’t just let you go off alone on an adventure so I followed you to Shadowmoon”

After catching up quickly, Castleon encourages the party to carry on with their questions for Subra. With a bit of encouraging, Subra asks for one true word from each person in the party. A word that is true for each person’s experience: Justice, Family, Love, Destiny, Station.

Subra enters into a trance and asks for the party’s spirit guides to come to her. They come in full force and deliver this message:

Dark side, shadow side, darkness in the shadow. Each shadowed in darkness, the wrong side of the moon. Born to the wrong side, now you must fight alongside, Dark side, shadow side, darkness all around.

Children born without blame, born under a dreadful name, Godslayers, godkillers, wrong side of the moon. Come together to start your path Come together and flee the wrath Shadow children the sun god is coming And the angel cannot save you from the doom that is looming.

Each to help the other live, each a gift of death to give, Godslayers, godkillers, wrong side of the moon. Poison poured from darkest ore Half a twin, lonely to the core, One saved by stars only to die again A singing bard laughing in vain Human sent to slay the beast of night Restless healer in constant flight.

Now the journey spreads its wings and you must fly the city’s things Quest the weapons, find the scroll, learn the mission, find your role. Stay together to stay alive Though the other realm waits for you to arrive Seek the truth to find your past Seek your destiny and wisdom will come at last.

Still maintaining her connection to the spirit guides Subra asks the party to ask her their questions. Beldaran wishes to know if her brother is alive. The spirit guides do not know where he is but do know that he is alive.

Asmaran is told that he must find his brothers in order to complete his quest to slay the beast. They are dead, but the guides are clear that he must find them.

Before anyone else could ask questions Subra loses her strength and the connection with the spirit guides is lost. Subra, having lost the last of her energy in the efforts of the trance, falls unconscious but is quickly brought back by some healing from Kihara. Castleon take her away to a safe place for she is certain that Mobriath’s guards would be looking for her.

Upon Castleon’s return she informs the party of where Mobriath’s estate is and hands them 4 armbands which might help them disguise themselves as Mobriath’s guards. It is clear that after witnessing the messages received through Subra that Castleon is a little more sympathetic towards the party. Noticing Kihara’s healing efforts on Subra, and the holy pendant hanging around her neck she offers to unlock some of the untapped divine power within the pendant. Kihara gladly accepts and notices a fiery light glow in Castleon’s eyes as she draws out the pendants power.

It is now 7am and the party starts out from the abandoned house in the slum districts of Shadowmoon. They know they need to head north, cross through the Market district to enter the Noble district and find Mobriath’s estate. They decide to head to a main road to head towards the Market, assuming that people will be out and they can blend into the crowd. Upon entering the main road, the party is quickly targeted by 4 of Mobriath’s guards. One of them runs off and the other three follow Beldaran and Kihara, who having noticed the guards took a quick turn down an alley. Blackblade not wanting reinforcements to come takes off after the running guard with great stealth. Not being noticed until contact, he tackles the guard to the ground, slits his throat with his kukri, and quietly pulls the body into a nearby alley.

The other three guards attack the rest of the party but are quickly overwhelmed. One guard, having attempted to stab Asmaran has the unpleasant experience of having his arm nearly torn off by the massive barbarian. The other two are handled by the combined efforts of the party.

The party, using more stealth and taking to the back roads, successfully navigates their way to the main artery of the city in the midst of the market district. Disguising themselves as two women shopping along with their bodyguard, Kihara, Bells, and Asmaran get across without much notice of the guards. Blackblade kept to the shadows and met them on the other side. Having now made it across the major road through the city, the rest of the journey to Mobriath’s estate was simple.

Once they arrived at the estate Blackblade create a diversion by shooting one of the guards with his bow from atop the wall that encircles the estate. He quickly dropped to the outside after taking a crossbow bolt, but his diversion was successful as all of the patrols charged out the front gate to chase after him. He created some false tracks and then hopped the wall at the back of the estate where the rest of the party had already entered the back door to the estate.

A thorough search of the estate found no evidence of the artifiacts, and an almost completely empty house. Asmaran threw some important looking documents into his pouch. In Mobriath’s bedroom, the party found a secret entrance that descended down into the darkness…

At the bottom of this ladder the stench was horrific of which the source was quickly made apparent – zombies.

Session 1

Session 1

“Welcome to the night market. Drawn out to fortunetellers’ row, you’ve stumbled upon the night market, where delights and destruction are purveyed. You’re not in a good mood. Your head aches, and your heart is full of the horrors of your dreaming.

It is full night, late night, and you were sleeping, but now you’re stumbling down fortunetellers’ row, seeking either distraction or explanation about your dream. Only an hour ago, you slept deeply, but your mind was tortured by the re-experiencing of the worst night of your life. The night you almost died. The night they came to slay you, while you slept. The night you no longer had a safe place in the world. The night you became outcast. From that night on, you knew that powerful forces had decided you must die. Did you know why?

And now here you are in the nightmarket, happening under the moon on fortunetellers’ row. Those tired of hearing you cry out in nightmare have suggested you come here, for fortunetellers can sometime explain the wisdom of dreaming. This night, driven past any hope of peaceful sleep, you’ve finally come here, seeking an answer. Seeking a cure for your pain.”

The PC’s, two Eladrin – Beldaran and Malaya, one very large human dressed in hide – Ansmeran, one half-elf – Frick Nausam, and one dragonborn – Blackblade, entered the nightmarket.

Upon entering the market, Blackblade was attacked by assassins. Ansmeran and Beldaran saw the assassins approach Blackblade and after seeing that the odds were five to one they decided to intervene and help the lone Dragonborn. Malaya and Frick Nausam, who were also in the market, decided to help as well. Although the assassins came close to killing Blackblade – they dropped him no less than five times – they could not finish the job thanks to the help of Malaya, Frick, Beldaran, and Ansmeran. As the short fight came to a close, Castleon forcelord of Shadowmoon, arrived with several guards to break up the fight. As the fight came to a close, Subra the fortuneteller who witnessed the whole ordeal screamed at the PC’s – “the god slayers are here, the god slayers are here!” In the throes of a telling she ran around the market pointing and screaming at the PC’s until Castleon had one of her guards silence her and take her away immediately, but it was clear that anyone watching heard and saw what happened. After this there were some tense moments but the party decide to more or less cooperate with Castleon and her guards. Castleon’s guards found Ansmeran quite intimidating, and although he did agree to follow them to jail he insisted on staying armed. Impressed with his presence, Castleon agreed. One of the assassins was a drow, and after the battle Malaya performed a short ritual cursing his spirit in the afterlife.

The PC’s arrived at the jail at around 2 in the morning where Castleon told them she would return in the morning to ask them some questions. In the cell they met Rustam, a fellow who had got into a fight with one of Castleon’s mercenaries. He was quite a talkative fellow but the only person willing to really engage with him was Frick. Blackblade could only say “This is so strange…” and asked the rest of the party why they came to his side. Ansmeran simply state that he didn’t like uneven odds. Everyone settled in and tried to get some rest but at around 5:30 in the morning Castleon returned, opened the cell, and said “We need to get out of here quickly, follow me”

Castleon led the PC’s to a seemingly abandoned one room house in the slums district of Shadowmoon. She was very careful to take an indirect route and seemed very concerned about being noticed. Upon arrival Castleon told the PC’s that Mobriath, tradelord of Shadowmoon, was in cahoots with Brightshield the ruath of Pelor. Brightshield was planning on invading Shadowmoon and Mobriath was trying to gain their favor by helping them. Castleon heard word that they were interested in the PC’s and that Mobriath had sent guards to round them up. She believes it is connected to some prophecy, probably related to what Subra said about them being “god slayers”. Castleon, wanting to protect Shadowmoon’s independence, is doing anything she can to interrupt Mobriath’s plans. This is why she spirited the PC’s away from the jail before Mobriath’s thugs arrived. Not having any reason to help the PC’s beyond her own desires to stop Mobriath, she offers the PC’s a deal. In exchange for safe passage out of the city the PC’s will help Castleon recover some stolen artifacts. A week ago ancient artifacts kept at the Shadowmoon museum were stolen and Castleon believes that Mobriath was involved. These artifacts are sought after by those in power in Brightshield and this is yet another way Mobriath is using to gain their favor. She believes these artifacts, an ancient sword called Mialee and an old scroll, are also connected to the prophecy.

The PC’s have other desires other than safe passage out of the city. Blackblade agrees to the mission if Castleon can provide the valuable ore he needs to live. Beldaran and Ansmeran will only agree to the deal if they can speak with Subra first. Malaya being a follower of Correlon agrees because she values art and history. Frick, always up for adventure, agrees to the task as well.

Castleon agrees with the PC’s demands and leaves them on their own in the abandoned house only to return a shortwhile later with Subra…

Campaign Started

I have been playing around with this site and am starting to really love it! I wasn’t sure I would use it for my campaign but I think I will, and hence my first blog post.

Children of the Moon is a campaign that is going to start sometime in the new year, early January 2009. I have many ideas starting to take shape and I am psyched to get started.

I hope my players will soon head over to this site and make use of it, but I know not everyone will use it. Even if no one from my groups checks this, this site is proving to be a useful tool for organizing my ideas and for world building.

But to my PC’s, please look around and try and help me dream up this world and make it yours as much as it is mine!


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