Shadowmoon is the ruath of Sehanine. Long a sanctuary for those in both voluntary and forced exile from other ruaths, Shadowmoon has become a place of diversity, intrigue and murky delight. Sehanine is a tolerant goddess, more interested in the creativity and pleasure of her worshippers than in their submission. As a result, she asks little of those who dwell in Shadowmoon, and so rogues, deviants, poets, tricksters, thieves and fugitives have gathered under her welcoming cloak, hidden by the dark side of the moon.

Shadowmoon has largely stayed out of the recent ruath wars, protected by its undesirable reputation and relatively limited wealth. No other ruath has staked a claim, and no god has yet cared to anger the goddess of love and darkness. But other forces are gathering for the destruction of this town of anarchic misfits. Goblins from the wilds, who claim no god as their own and follow no law, are swarming in the hills beyond Shadowmoon. They seek not to dominate, but to utterly destroy.

Some denizens of Shadowmoon

  • Castleon, forcelord of Shadowmoon. The forcelord is the military ruler of a ruath. In Shadowmoon, this means that Castleon effectively runs the mafia-like intricate structure of gangs, paramilitias and loose policeforce that make up the domestic peace-keeping core. Castleon was not born in Shadowmoon, and no one knows how she came to rise so quickly among the ranks of those skilled in violence. But nobody wants to ask her.
  • Dala, proprietress of the Pomelo teahouse and opium den. Dala trades in information and various forms of ecstacy.
  • Mobriath, tradelord of Shadowmoon. The tradelord is analgous to the mayor, one who runs the civil side of life in these city-states. Mobriath has been tradelord for 100 years (despite the previous tradition of 50 year terms) and he governs with a mixture of worldly cynicism, easy corruption and indifference.
  • Rustam, unsuccessful poet. A fugitive from Brightshield, the ruath of Pelor, Rustam came recently to Shadowmoon seeking refuge. Were he to return to Brightshield, his choice of lover would mean certain death.
  • Subra, addict and visionary. Subra plies her trade on Fortuneteller’s Row, where between tokes of dreamweed and bottles of grumliquour, she has been known to make a suprisingly accurate prophecy or two.


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